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About the conference

We are haunted by the stories and the images of too many mass atrocities, by the unprecedented genocides since the onset of world in America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. By organizing this conference we are convinced we can and we must do better on prevention of mass atrocities. Remembrance ceremonies and memorials are very important. We owe it to the victims and their families. Central tool to raise awareness, especially among generations that have not lived through such tragedies is remembrance, research and education.They are obviously three essential key part of prevention. The conference welcomes cretaive debates, historical and modern researches on genocide and mass atrocities. Therefore we welcome, researchers, scientists, historians, investigrators, NGO members to take part in this meaningful event. 


Application is done by submitting an abstract of the research/review/study you plan to present at the conference. We also welcome documentary, special panel, exhibition proposals submissions. 

More details...

Proposal submission deadline

June 1st

Final Registration Deadline 

June 5th

Scientific Program Announcement

June 8th

Full Paper Submission Deadline

June 20th,

Proceeding Book Publication

July 15th

We provide 2 publication oppotunities. 

Confrence proceedings book and Genocide Encyclopedia

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Organized by Genocide Studies Platform (financed by IKSAD) - the World GENOCIDE Studies discussion meeting is going on.. Genocide issues have been studied unilaterally and one sided, ignoring important events and verifiable accounts, and sometimes relying on dubious or prejudiced sources and even falsified documents. Our organization and events come into play at this point. All genocide and genocide attempts, whose voices are not heard or underestimated in the world, and which are briefly called "massacres" on a large or small scale, maintain the importance of being investigated and announced impartially.

To end the one-sided portrayal of genoides we need to construct new alternative paradigm to mainstream discourses...